Health insurance

It covers the costs to which the insured is exposed in the event of illness


It covers health expenses relating to the costs:
medical, visit or consultation; pharmaceutical, analysis and laboratory work; surgical, even small surgeries; dental; maternity; optics for medical evacuation and assistance abroad after a favorable opinion from the Medical Adviser A wide choice of combinations of guarantees according to your budget


Most A dense network of pharmacies, clinics, hospitals where you pay only the equivalent of user fees, usually 20% of medical and pharmaceutical costs on presentation of the "HEALTH" card. This rate is negotiable depending on your needs.

Loss of Business Insurance

A fire or a machine breakdown can cause your business activities to be partially or completely shut down and have huge financial consequences, which can be fatal to your business. It is therefore an economic necessity for your business or even a condition for survival.


Taking out operating loss insurance is to protect yourself against the consequences of a drop in turnover or an operating loss following a fire or accidental breakage of machine to maintain your image and prevent your competitors from taking back all of your market share.

L’assurance Responsabilité Civile Chef d’Entreprise

Elle couvre les conséquences pécuniaires de la responsabilité civile que vous pouvez encourir en raison des accidents corporels ou matériels causés aux tiers, y compris les dommages immatériels qui seraient la conséquence des dommages garantis du fait de l’exploitation de votre entreprise.


Elle couvre les conséquences pécuniaires de la responsabilité contractuelle ou professionnelle pouvant incomber à votre entreprise du fait des dommages causés aux tiers, aux clients, à la suite d’une erreur, d’une omission, d’une faute professionnelle ou d’une malfaçon technique commises à l’occasion de vos activités.

All Risks Site Insurance

It meets the obligation of insurance which weighs on the manufacturers of public infrastructures and the owners of private buildings. It also covers any building, whatever the value, against the damage suffered by the work under construction as well as the financial consequences of the liability of any company participating in its realization.


- satisfaction of the insurance obligation,
- simplicity of the subscription process,
- adaptation of an insurance offer to each client,
- non-interruption of the site in the event of a collapse or any other disaster,
- protection against anticipated loss of operation,
- speed and fairness in the settlement in the event of a claim


There are a multitude of optional guarantees adaptable to each customer according to their needs: design error, visit maintenance, extended maintenance, defense of recourse, high-speed transport, etc.

Computing All Risks Insurance

Its purpose is to guarantee the insured against breakage or unforeseen destruction suffered by machines and equipment in operation or at rest, and located in the places specified in the contract.


This insurance can be taken out by the user or the owner.
The insured machines are:
computers, electronic installations, radio or television stations, cinema installations, satellites, etc.

Machine Breakage Insurance

The machines constitute a considerable capital and have a limited lifespan. This limitation of the life of the machines is linked to several factors, among which we can cite accidents and unforeseeable breakdowns. This damage leads to enormous repair costs and can lead to the cessation of the company's activities, or even to considerable financial losses.


The Machine Breakage insurance contract guarantees accidental physical damage to your machines during their normal operation and this without interruption (rest, maintenance, disassembly, reassembly, etc.). Insurable machines are: motive power machines; compressor and motor pump groups, electric motors; handling equipment; manufacturing machines.

Transport insurance

It covers goods transported by sea, air, or land and the civil liability arising therefrom.


We offer three (03) types of contracts for the security of your goods:
- the All Risks contract;
- the characterized accidents contract;
- the FAP contract (Particular Damage Franc) Except We also cover the bodies of ships, yachts, fisheries etc.

Individual Accident Insurance

It guarantees the reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical and capital costs in the event of death, this contract covers you both in your private and professional life


- Simplicity of the subscription process;
- Free fixation of guaranteed capital;
- Guarantee of means of subsistence for the beneficiaries in the event of death;
- Income guarantee in the event of permanent disability;
- Promptness and equity in the settlement in the event of a claim.


This product offers you the possibility of subscribing options and capital according to your financial possibilities.

Travel and Travel Insurance

It covers health damage during your travels (Travels outside the national territory) and guarantees reimbursement during your travels, of a capital in the event of death or disability following an accident, the repatriation of the body thanks to assistance from your broker.


- Satisfaction with the insurance obligation of Western countries;
- Simplicity of the subscription process;
- Speed and fairness in the settlement in the event of an accident;
- Provision of a network of international health centers;
- Assistance from an international professional partner;
- Assistance in all circumstances whatever the destination;


This product offers you the possibility of subscribing options and capital according to your financial possibilities.

Auto Insurance

It covers damage that you may cause to others as a result of your vehicle or even damage that your car may suffer.


It offers compulsory guarantees:
- Civil Liability (Civil Liability), which covers damage caused to third parties by the insured vehicle,
- ECOWAS Civil Liability, which is an extension of Auto civil liability to the ECOWAS area.


The insured with the possibility of taking out other guarantees We offer the following formulas:
- All risks
- Third-party collision
- Simple or full third party

Motorcycle / Tricycle Insurance

Whatever the use of the motorcycle, you have the possibility of insuring yourself in: private use (walking and business); use for consideration (the transport of people, for example zemidjans).


It offers the following guarantees, regardless of the use of your motorcycle (private or professional):
- Public liability;
- Defense and appeals;
- Driver safety (FMP, Death, IPT) *;
- ECOWAS (Brown card: RC extension);
- Life insurance (Disability - Death from any cause) for the owner
* FMP: Medical and pharmaceutical costs
* IPT: Total Permanent Disability


It offers: The driver's guarantee: it guarantees the repair of bodily injury suffered by the motorcycle driver; Passenger safety: Under the Civil Liability guarantee, it also covers the repair of bodily injury suffered by your passenger in the event of an accident; Life insurance: it guarantees the payment of a capital sum to the owner or his assigns in the event of absolute final invalidity or death whatever the cause.

Multirisk Home Insurance

It covers your home and property against the risk of fire, theft, water damage, damage due to electricity etc.


She offers :
- The security of your real estate and furniture;
- Coverage of several events by a police; unique;
- The ease of subscription;
- The affordable cost;
- Rapid settlement in the event of a claim;


It offers guarantees such as: Theft, fire, glass breakage, water damage, storm and consequent wet damage, risks of civil liability, additional costs after fire, storm, water damage , damage to electrical appliances, etc.

Professional Multi-risk Insurance

It protects your buildings, stocks, materials, furniture and equipment against fire, theft, water damage, broken windows, broken machinery, damage due to electricity, loss of operations, etc. . This is the contract that covers you in all your activities: Liberal profession, (Crafts and trade ...); Medical profession, Catering and hospitality, Construction company, Bakery, Industry etc.


She has been created :
- so that your assets are always protected - - -;
- so that you can count on support in the event of financial losses;
- so that you don't have to worry if your responsibility is involved.
- For any business, by the very fact of its existence, may cause damage to customers or third parties.


It offers coverage tailored to your needs and the size of your business. It includes all the guarantees essential for the proper protection of your work tool: The protection of your civil liability with defense and recourse guarantee; The financial protection of your business in the event of loss of operation or loss of small business assets, if subscribed


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